Monday, September 1, 2008

While You are Learning PowerShell...

I think everyone sees the potential of PowerShell for managing Windows 2008, as well as for managing VMware,  but learning PowerShell is not an overnight task for most of us.   So while we are all pondering the scripts posted in the VMware PowerShell scripting contest, and feverishly reading up on PowerShell - I thought I would post one of my favorite "old school" VMware utility sites.

a colleague in a Redhat class had told me about this site when we were talking about implementing trunking, and how many changes that would take in our fairly large environment.   He suggested I check out the  ITQ VLan and Portgroup Manager.   It was definitely a time saver.  

We also tried some of the other utilities on his site, and found them to be useful.  The gentleman that runs the site is actually a technology evangelist for VMware in the EMEA region.  

Some of these tools could definitely fill the gap while we are all becoming VMware PowerShell masters.  

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