Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coming Attractions - PowerShell for XenServer

Citrix continues their announcements this week with the announcement of their very own PowerShell SnapIn for managing XenServer environments.  

"Now that XenServer and XenCenter 5.0 have been released, we turn our attention to other things. One of those new projects is a PowerShell SnapIn for XenServer, which I'm pleased to announce today.

The new SnapIn is with private beta testers now, and will be available through this site very soon. "

It seems most of the Citrix announcements are getting lost in all the great announcements from VMworld.   Unfortunately I couldn't make it to VMworld this year, but luckily fellow virtualization bloggers like Rich Bramley at VM/ETC and Scott Lowe at his self-titled blog are keeping the rest of us up to date on the latest happenings.  

One "off beat" story coming out of VMworld is about a reported  guerilla marketing campaign , that either is either a surprisingly aggressive attack focused on VMware at their own conference, or a great big hoax.   Personally my bet is on big hoax,  but only Microsoft and the individual that registered the website know for sure at this point in time. 

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