Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Microsoft Training - How Cool is That ?

Have you been waiting for an introduction to the some of the newer Microsoft technologies?  Wait no longer,  Microsoft Learning has something prepared for you,  assuming you have a few hours to spare.  

Microsoft is branding them as clinics,  but I think the name doesn't do them justice.    They are interactive and engaging combinations of video presentations, demos, interactive content, and quizzes.   Now I wouldn't recommend them as study guides for the MCITP exams,  but they are definitely not "fifty thousand foot view" marketing slides either.   Most of them appear to have a 90 day subscription, so if you don't have 2 whole hours to spend, you can chip away at it a little at a time.  

Clinic 5935: Introducing Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008
Clinic 5938: Introducing Terminal Services Presentation Virtualization in Windows Server®2008
Clinic 5936: Introducing Security and Policy Management in Windows Server® 2008
Clinic 5939: Introducing Server Management in Windows Server®2008
Clinic 5937: Introducing Branch Office Management in Windows Server®2008

To review all the free clinics available from Microsoft click the link below.   There's a large variety of content available at the best possible price.   I suspect some of the material is only free temporarily,  so don't wait too long to give it a try.
Microsoft Learning - Free Content

They also appear to be releasing a large amount of content for a $39 usd per two hours of content price point as well.   I plan on giving a couple a try and assessing whether they are still a great value at $39.

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