Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Citrix Throws Down the Gauntlet

How many times have you heard "I don't know if my application works in Citrix?", or XenServer, VMware, Windows 2003...and so on.

Usually getting on the approved list involves heavy investment, and a good relationship between the companies involved in the agreements. Definitely not something your smaller or more specialized application vendors can afford, or in some case have any interest in. This usually leads to testing in our corporate environments. I have even had application vendors go as far as request documentation on how we installed their product, so they could market their product as having a Citrix install procedure.

Citrix has thrown down the gauntlet with a new approach, which will get all of us out of the business of providing functionality testing for vendor applications in our environments. Citrix is now offering a free partnership level, which provides access to Citrix testing labs for 3-7 days.

I applaud this move, and I would love to see other vendors adopt this approach.

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