Thursday, October 23, 2008

VMware EVC - incompatible ?

When installing some brand spanking new DL585 Quad Core systems I was unable to initially enable EVC for the new servers.   Both new servers were showing as having incompatible hardware.
The answer was the No Execute Page Protection being disabled by default.  I was also surprised to find that the AMD Virtualization support was also disabled by default.   I also saw some posting in the VMware forum that other newer HP models have the same default setting.  Once the settings were adjusted,  EVC was no longer reporting incompatible hardware. 


Craig said...

you need to disable 1 of the option in the bios mode from the HP server in order to get the EVC work.

refer to this discussion we did talk about it :)

vmguru said...

A good document of how to setup VMware EVC can be found at VMware EVC (Enhanced VMotion Compatibility) enable VMware VMotion across CPU generations

Further more to find out how to enable EVC without requiring downtime, you can look at:
How to enable VMware EVC on VMware vSphere & VI3 without downtime

Between these two documents you should have all you need to know about VMware EVC & How to implement it with minimum downtime.

I hope this help every one passing by this post :).